Product Highlight: Herbal Lip Balm

Ok, I’ll let you in on something about me (Patrice); a habit, if you will… First, let me check and make sure no one’s listening and it’s just me, and you… (((Looking around until satisfied that we’re alone)))  At night, before going to bed, I like to do something I’ve cleverly termed “lip conditioning”. I’ve been doing this “lip conditioning” for about 22 years now.  Let me tell you how it started and why it’s such a secret.

At around 15 years old, I developed a fever blister (or cold sore) and I started to use Blistex Lip Medex for it.

Lip Medex

I loved that cool, tingly feeling when I first put it on.  Made me feel like something magical was happening.  Long after the fever blister was gone, I was still using it nightly.  Fast forward 18 years and I was still using it nightly.  I did not allow myself to run out.  I would move mountains to get more.  You could open my nightstand drawer and find a good 3-5 on standby at any given moment.  The few, and I mean few- like literally two times I somehow found myself without my Lip Medex, I just about left this earthly realm.  Ask my husband, I insisted on searching every store until I found it once, while on vacation.  I could not go to bed without my “lips” as I called it.

When we got around to the fun project of making lip balm, I had no intentions of leaving my beloved Lip Medex.  I was totally addicted.  That all changed, when one day, I peeled off the label on the bottom, and, looked at the ingredients. Again, I was ready to depart this ole world when I saw just one harmful ingredient-Petrolatum also known as petroleum jelly, vaseline; you get it, I’m sure. Let’s just say, this petrochemical is considered a carcinogen (cancer causing) in the European Union and it’s use in cosmetics is restricted. Then there’s the phenol, sigh, as if one harmful ingredient wasn’t enough.

Anyway, I remember very well, the night I made the shift away from Lip Medex to our lip balm. Face all bent out of shape, frowning, I threw away all the Lip Medex and turned to our Herbal Lip Balm.

20140911_182350 Product testimonial-  “The lip balm is fantastic! I have a case of thrush and it was drying out the corners of my mouth, nothing was helping and your lip balm has solved that issue!” LH

It was hard, but to help make the shift, I used an essential oil that I knew would give me that medicinal feeling I would miss.  The rest is history.

The part that’s kind of crazy in all this is that I don’t just put on a little lip balm and go to bed.  It’s a bit of a production.  A big deal.  If anyone wants kisses, they’d better come get smooches before my lips go on or they are “outta luck”.  I’m so not kidding.  For now, we are a family of six and I put enough on my pair of lips for the entire household of humans, the bird and the turtle- even then, everyone would look like grease monkeys. I don’t know why I must use so much but I do.  Turn out the lights, you’ll still see my lips just a’ glistenin’ in the darkness.  And when I wake up, I rub the excess into the backs of my hands.  What? I’m not wasting all that conditioning goodness!!

Because I’ve never used a chapstick type of lip balm, I personally have no frame of reference but our lip balm definitely gets the job done and some.  Most people, when they buy one, once they use it, they come back for a good 4-5 more on average.  I can think of three guys right off who place orders of 10-12 at a time. Hmmm, maybe I’m not the only one with a nightly habit. 

Like all of our products, our Herbal Lip Balm isn’t just good for “lip conditioning”. 😉 In the summer when those blasted mosquitoes are out masquerading as tiny vampires, we keep our lip balm handy for those bites.  It takes care of them.  It’s great for when you’re out and that small eczema patch starts to flare up- instant skin conditioning that will actually clear up that patch.  I have one friend who buys it in bulk, she and her family like to use it as an “all over” body type of conditioner.  Then there’s those moments when you’re out with the children and one falls and scrapes a knee or someone gets a cut- Herbal Lip Balm to the rescue!  Seriously, it’s good stuff.  The herbs and oils used to make it are simply magical together.  One thing I absolutely love about herbs is that they help many different ailments all at once.  The herbs in our lip balm are not just conditioning, but anti-bacterial, helps reduce pain, swelling and more.  It’s wonderful! That’s all for this week!  Next week, we’ll cover our Herbal Healing Salve!  Actually, wait, I’m curious… Are there any others out there with special nightly habits/routines?  Tell us about them!  Comment on our blog or find us on Facebook and tell us!

P.S. I don’t develop cold sores very often any longer (thank God!) but if I do, I’ve started putting sea salt on it with the lip balm at night and it gets rid of it super fast!

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