Final Product Highlight: Soap!

We’re in the final stretch and here’s our last product highlighting blog post.  Because it tends to be the most attractive product, we’ve saved it for last.  Bar soap!  We can all thank my husband Jermaine for this addition to our product line.  I (Patrice) started out making liquid soap because that’s what I used.  I loved my shower gels but when I read the ingredients list, that was the end of that.  I bought a book on hot process soap making and began making liquid soap.

Everyone was excitedly using it, well, everyone except my husband. He always seems to be the last one to come around…  Anyway, he started asking when I would make bar soap because bar soap is his thing.  I hadn’t planned on taking that on until I came across something that said the soap I was making was more difficult than making bar soap.  I figured, if making liquid soap isn’t an issue and there’s easier, why not try bar soap?

Thus, another obsession was born!  Here’s the thing, liquid soap is cool, there’s lot’s you can do with it and I have kind of, but bars? Oh my word!!  First, they’re so pretty!! The possibilities are literally endless with the colors and scents and that’s a huge plus for a girl like me who quickly gets bored with routine.  It ended up that we all switched over to bar soap.  We love it!! I try to keep a bit of the liquid on hand for cleaning and my chiropractor favors it. So, here’s what we have in stock at the moment…


From the top left to right, we have our Chocolate/Pumpkin/Apple cider bar, Eucalyptus/Frankincense, Pumpkin, Pumpkin/Apple Cider. The circular bar is our Spanish Castile bar, then beneath that is my new favorite- Shea butter/Tea Tree.  The bar just above with red-ish hues has a masculine scent, Cedar/Cypress/Juniper, then there’s Coffee Mint (might be a nice exfoliating bar), Chocolate/Mint (with menthol for a nice tingling feeling) and lastly, we have a favorite- Lavender/Patchouli.

So, tell us, what bar you would like to try?  Also, we would like to know what bars you might like to see us carry.  We’re always changing the types of bars we make.  Sometimes it’s based on the season, other times, our preferences.  Keep in mind though, we don’t use chemicals so there won’t be any lime green candy apple or hot pink bars of cotton candy scented soap.  Although hot pink would be right up my alley.

We only use ingredients we would put on our own skin and we use essential oils and herbs for scent and color.

Well that’s it for our product highlighting series!  Thank you for sticking it out with us! We’re very excited about our upcoming launch on October 28, 2014.  We hope you are too!

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Product Highlight: Herbal Lotion

We’re back again! This week, we’ll talk a little about our herbal lotion.  In my first post, I (Patrice) mentioned that salve was the first product I made back in 2009.  Slowly, I began to make more and more of what my family uses, until now, the only thing I can think of that we don’t make is hair conditioner, and that’s mostly because I love the one we buy.

Since I seemed to be on a roll, making salve, lip balm and liquid soap, among other things, I decided to tackle lotion too. Just for fun.  I was actually quite happy with the lotion I was using at that time.  It was handmade by a friend and I had no problem at all continuing to buy my lotion from her.

When I first started making it, I admit, I didn’t like it as much as the lotion my friend made.  Something just wasn’t right.  I like my lotion rich, thick and creamy. Something was missing.  After a bit of trial and error, I’d finally gotten the exact formula I wanted and I couldn’t be happier.  While I miss being in regular contact with my friend, buying her lotion, I’m great as far as my lotion needs.  She and I just need to get together and go out somewhere. 🙂

One of the main ingredients in our lotion is the amazing herb calendula.calendula

Calendula is great for inflammation, it’s anti-spasmodic, heals wounds, internal and external ulcers, it’s anti-septic, improves blood flow to affected area, is good for acne and diaper rash, it’s anti-fungal, and, it’s just an all around amazing herb. It’s absolutely fantastic for the skin.  I love that our lotion is not just lotion.  Because of the various ingredients in it, it has a multitude of healing properties with no harmful side effects.  How many can say that about lotion they use daily?

Honestly, I (Jaiela) don’t know what to say here.  For as long as I can remember, I have used natural lotions.  I can’t recall the last time I used store bought lotion or any other body product.  The lotion works like it should.  It gives me smooth, soft, moisturized skin, even in colder months.

Don’t you just feel sorry for poor deprived Jaiela?


(The Lotion is on the left.  On the right is our Herbal Muscle Lotion)

“My friends and I use the lotion after showering at the pool &  hot tub. The chlorine in both areas tends to dry you skin out tremendously, especially the feet. The lotion brings the skin back to life and moisturizes thoroughly. No dry, ashy, or cracked skin anywhere!”  – TB

That’s it for now! Next week is our final product highlighting post in this series- Soap!

Product highlight: Herbal Healing Salve

Hi, Jaiela here!  This week we’re featuring our Herbal Healing Salve.

For those of you that may not know, a salve is an ointment used for healing various skin conditions.  Around the colder time of year I use it for eczema breakouts.

My family has had to use salve for all sorts of things.  Burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, and even gashes.  Sorry for the imagery but, one time, my little sister fell and got a deep cut right underneath her eye.  We put salve on it to stop the bleeding, and to close up the wound.  It’s healed up so much that now it just looks like she has a dimple under her eye. The salve has worked extremely well for us, and others.

Another instance, a few years ago, a friend of mine had an ingrown toenail, so she couldn’t dance on pointe with me and the rest of the class.  In attempt to make good use of the tons of empty Lip Medex containers lying around the house, I filled them with salve to put in my purse.   (My mom wasn’t joking, she really had a thing for that stuff, at least until we started making our own lip balm).

So I gave my friend the salve, and the very next week when I saw her again, she told me that a day after she put on the “green glop” I gave her, she noticed her ingrown toenail had popped right out!

             20140911_182036Before having radiation treatments, I was given some of the Herbal Healing Salve to use on the spot where they would administer the treatments.  I used it every day.  One day, during my doctor’s visit, I noticed my doctor carefully examining me with a puzzled look on her face.  She was looking for evidence of burning from the treatments and could not find any at all.  The Herbal Healing Salve helped me to escape some of the trauma that accompanies radiation treatments. KJ

That was all thanks to one ingredient, one of my favorite herbs called Plantain.
And no, not the banana. Although those are really good.           image

     Bet you thought this was a weed didn’t you?

Because one of plantains abilities is to draw out, it works wonders with mosquito bites, bee and wasp stings, and ingrown toenails.  Add in the benifits of all the other herbs and oils that are in the salve, and you’ll be ready to combat whatever skin problems come your way!

That’s all for now.  Look out for next weeks product highlight where we’ll discuss lotion.

Product Highlight: Herbal Lip Balm

Ok, I’ll let you in on something about me (Patrice); a habit, if you will… First, let me check and make sure no one’s listening and it’s just me, and you… (((Looking around until satisfied that we’re alone)))  At night, before going to bed, I like to do something I’ve cleverly termed “lip conditioning”. I’ve been doing this “lip conditioning” for about 22 years now.  Let me tell you how it started and why it’s such a secret.

At around 15 years old, I developed a fever blister (or cold sore) and I started to use Blistex Lip Medex for it.

Lip Medex

I loved that cool, tingly feeling when I first put it on.  Made me feel like something magical was happening.  Long after the fever blister was gone, I was still using it nightly.  Fast forward 18 years and I was still using it nightly.  I did not allow myself to run out.  I would move mountains to get more.  You could open my nightstand drawer and find a good 3-5 on standby at any given moment.  The few, and I mean few- like literally two times I somehow found myself without my Lip Medex, I just about left this earthly realm.  Ask my husband, I insisted on searching every store until I found it once, while on vacation.  I could not go to bed without my “lips” as I called it.

When we got around to the fun project of making lip balm, I had no intentions of leaving my beloved Lip Medex.  I was totally addicted.  That all changed, when one day, I peeled off the label on the bottom, and, looked at the ingredients. Again, I was ready to depart this ole world when I saw just one harmful ingredient-Petrolatum also known as petroleum jelly, vaseline; you get it, I’m sure. Let’s just say, this petrochemical is considered a carcinogen (cancer causing) in the European Union and it’s use in cosmetics is restricted. Then there’s the phenol, sigh, as if one harmful ingredient wasn’t enough.

Anyway, I remember very well, the night I made the shift away from Lip Medex to our lip balm. Face all bent out of shape, frowning, I threw away all the Lip Medex and turned to our Herbal Lip Balm.

20140911_182350 Product testimonial-  “The lip balm is fantastic! I have a case of thrush and it was drying out the corners of my mouth, nothing was helping and your lip balm has solved that issue!” LH

It was hard, but to help make the shift, I used an essential oil that I knew would give me that medicinal feeling I would miss.  The rest is history.

The part that’s kind of crazy in all this is that I don’t just put on a little lip balm and go to bed.  It’s a bit of a production.  A big deal.  If anyone wants kisses, they’d better come get smooches before my lips go on or they are “outta luck”.  I’m so not kidding.  For now, we are a family of six and I put enough on my pair of lips for the entire household of humans, the bird and the turtle- even then, everyone would look like grease monkeys. I don’t know why I must use so much but I do.  Turn out the lights, you’ll still see my lips just a’ glistenin’ in the darkness.  And when I wake up, I rub the excess into the backs of my hands.  What? I’m not wasting all that conditioning goodness!!

Because I’ve never used a chapstick type of lip balm, I personally have no frame of reference but our lip balm definitely gets the job done and some.  Most people, when they buy one, once they use it, they come back for a good 4-5 more on average.  I can think of three guys right off who place orders of 10-12 at a time. Hmmm, maybe I’m not the only one with a nightly habit. 

Like all of our products, our Herbal Lip Balm isn’t just good for “lip conditioning”. 😉 In the summer when those blasted mosquitoes are out masquerading as tiny vampires, we keep our lip balm handy for those bites.  It takes care of them.  It’s great for when you’re out and that small eczema patch starts to flare up- instant skin conditioning that will actually clear up that patch.  I have one friend who buys it in bulk, she and her family like to use it as an “all over” body type of conditioner.  Then there’s those moments when you’re out with the children and one falls and scrapes a knee or someone gets a cut- Herbal Lip Balm to the rescue!  Seriously, it’s good stuff.  The herbs and oils used to make it are simply magical together.  One thing I absolutely love about herbs is that they help many different ailments all at once.  The herbs in our lip balm are not just conditioning, but anti-bacterial, helps reduce pain, swelling and more.  It’s wonderful! That’s all for this week!  Next week, we’ll cover our Herbal Healing Salve!  Actually, wait, I’m curious… Are there any others out there with special nightly habits/routines?  Tell us about them!  Comment on our blog or find us on Facebook and tell us!

P.S. I don’t develop cold sores very often any longer (thank God!) but if I do, I’ve started putting sea salt on it with the lip balm at night and it gets rid of it super fast!

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Product Highlight: Muscle Lotion & Menthol Salve!

I (Patrice) have always thought of myself as a die-hard Spring season loving girl but as I sit here, snuggled on my bed, nursing my now 11 month old son, typing on my laptop, chill in the air, light rain outside my window, I realize, Autumn is really growing on me. It’s quite lovely.  I’m already making soups, chili and will soon make a big batch of apple sauce and pies with apples from our next door neighbors tree. Don’t tell my physical trainer Tatyana about the pies- I’ve lost 22lbs working with her since June. 🙂

Ok, ok, I’m getting sidetracked…this isn’t why I’m writing. Last week, we promised to come to you each week highlighting a product or two leading up to our launch date.  Our hope is that by the time we launch, you will be more knowledgeable about what we offer, why we offer it and how it can help you.

First, let’s get this out of the way…  What you put on your skin, goes into your skin.  It’s the largest organ you’ve got and it’s important to steer clear of toxic and deadly ingredients that cause a myriad of health issues.  Our commitment to you is to never add anything we wouldn’t put in or on our bodies into our products.  And, just so you know, we are sooo far past things like Vicks, and Vaseline, it ain’t even funny.  Here’s a visual of ingredients to avoid putting on, thus in, your skin. (Click to enlarge image)


With that in mind, this week, we highlight two similar products- our Muscle Lotion and Menthol Salve.


The biggest difference between these two products is distilled water.  Water produces the lotion form and no water produces the salve form. (Detailed ingredients will be listed on the website and products) Both are awesome for many types of pain- headaches, muscle spasms, achy, overworked muscles, bruises and more.  Both will produce a cool/tingling sensation when rubbed on the skin- think Icy/Hot.

When dealing with things like chest congestion or any localized pain, we reach for the Menthol salve.  When I come home from working out with Taty, I shower and reach for the Muscle Lotion knowing that even my fingernails might be sore soon. Which will work best for you is simply a matter of preference for lotion or salve.  We love ’em both!

That’s it for this week!  I’ll leave you with a product testimonial from our earliest days of making these two products.  Note- this was before we started to add menthol, which is responsible for the icy/hot feeling.

“When I tried the Happy Muscle Lotion for my muscle spasms, I wasn’t sure it would help.  When I used it, I expected to feel an Icy Hot/Ben Gay type of feeling but I felt nothing and dismissed it.  It wasn’t until later that I suddenly realized I wasn’t in any more pain.” JS
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So, we took lots and I mean LOTS of time off after having our first boy.  He’s very close to his first birthday and we’re ready to get serious now.  See, this all began with me (Patrice) wanting to make a salve for my middle daughter Jenai who was suffering horrendously with eczema.  My girl’s body felt like straight up sandpaper.  No kidding!

More than being aware of all the toxic ingredients in many creams available, I didn’t want my little girl on a steroid cream.  So, through my work in certifying as a doula, I had the opportunity to learn about herbs which led to me making my first salve.
During a visit with family, my daughter’s previous issues with eczema came up and I shared that I had made a salve for her that worked well.  That was the beginning.  One person wanted some, they got it, it worked for them and they told others.  Those others, told others and, well, you get the picture.  Eventually, people said I needed to get a website and before I knew it, I reluctantly, had a business I didn’t want or plan for.

I trudged along, filling orders as they came doing a little marketing here and there but pulling back because with every marketing effort, people placed orders!! How dare they make me work a business I didn’t ask for!!  🙂 Just before giving birth to my son (at home unassisted– yeah, very proud of that), I decided to officially take a break from it all and didn’t do any marketing at all.  I just filled the orders that came in anyway.

Now, I’m ready.  My family is too and we’re so thrilled!!! Made by Love with Love is receiving a major face lift!!  The only thing we aren’t changing is the products themselves.  We totally stand by them.  They’re awesome!!  What’s new is the name- Eden’s Pure Herbals “Made by Love with Love”.  We’re working on our logo, and web design as well.  Oh, and instead of all the items we sold before, we’re only doing four to start- Lotion, salve (two types of each), bar soap and our ever popular lip balm.  We have lots planned that I won’t blab about just yet but it’s all good stuff!!

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P.S. Eczema isn’t just external, we’ve made lots of dietary changes since I made that first batch of salve too and she’s now doing beautifully.  Very infrequent breakouts, and when they come, they’re very small and the salve takes care of them.